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Many small business owners struggle with getting the right systems and procedures in place so they can work on their business instead of in their business. Working with us at Wired2Change, you will get time back to work on your business because we will help you set up systems, processes, and sales solutions to be more efficient and profitable.

What we offer: 

  • Small Business Individual & Group Coaching
  • Small Business Individual & Group Consulting
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Sales & Systems Training
  • Podcast Appearances


    Are you ready for a change? 

    Who we help

    Small business owners, wanna be small biz owners, movers & shakers, people who want to move and shake, people who want to laugh and enjoy their career & life all the way to the bank!

    ideal client

    Our ideal client is that small business owner who knows what success looks like from a previous corporate job or working for a bigger company in their field but now they have gone out on their own.  They know their craft but have never put that experience and knowledge into a business model.  This is where we come in to help them put processes and systems in place to get their business to the level they want it to be!

    What we do

    We are BUSINESS owners who have managed, grown, and sold small businesses. We are experts at working with our clients to implement and improve processes to scale. We understand the SBO way of life. We focus on connecting with and giving back to our clients and the community.

    Services Provided:

    *One to One Coaching

    *Group Programs and Seminars

    *Group Coaching & Consulting

    *Sales Training

    *Speaking Engagements

    *Weekly Podcasters

    How we help

    Ever met two people who are so passionate it’s almost annoying? Do you have the courage to join them and add your enthusiasm to the mix? At Wired 2 Change, we give our clients the jolt they need to re-wire, jump start or supercharge their businesses, achieve their goals, and change their lives.

    Areas of Expertise:

    *Creating, implementing and achieving your Business Plan

    *Setting Attainable SMART Goals

    *Coaching to a profitable PnL

    *Sales Processes and Systems


    *Employee engagement & organizational health

    About Us

    We are both lifelong learners who thrive most when helping others. While our stories are very different and we have taken divergent paths to get to where we are, we are both wired to super charge those around us and be catalysts of change.

    Trinity Gregor – small business owner; process improver; business development coach; honey badger

    Mike Manning – small business owner; career evolutionist; BNI Trainer; business coach; grandfather


    How do you know which coaching program is the right fit for you?

    Many of our associates find benefit in our One to One coaching programs while others enjoy group and mastermind settings. There is no right or wrong answer! We would be happy to chat with you and help you figure out which is right for you and your business needs.

    Ask us a question at


    Do you want to gain new clients without selling?

    The goal is to build that relationship as quick as you can because people buy people and we refer people that we know, like and trust.

    When you finish this 4-week program, you will know how to:

    1) Incorporate solutions and storytelling in your presentations so people will connect with you quicker; 

    2) Write and deliver memorable pitches and presentations to connect with future clients; 

    3) Develop a plan for researching, visiting and following up at key networking events to set up meetings that turn into business;

    4) Create a 2-minute social media post talking about why people should do business with you. 


    • Storytelling and Painting a Picture
    • Public Speaking
    • Intentional Networking
    • Video and Audio Presentations
    • Building confidence in your message and presentation

    Attendees in this program will be able to connect quicker to grow their profits!

    More Details

    Where: Interactive Virtual Meeting

    Price: $197 

    Upcoming Dates: 

    June Workshop begins on Tuesday, June 8th at 1pm (ET) and runs weekly through June 29th. 

    July Workshop begins on Wednesday, July 7th at 1pm (ET) and runs weekly through July 28th. 

    About the Workshop: Come prepared to write new pitches and descriptions for your business to fine tune your
    message and connect quicker.  


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    For any business owner, getting the correct message to your ideal clients is crucial to growing your business. But in your message, do you highlight the solutions you have for their problems?  In this workshop, you will identify who to target with this specific, solution based messaging. In addition, you will have a new and updated sales and marketing plan.

    When you finish this 4-week program, you will have created:

    1) A clear explanation of who your ideal client is and how and where you can find them.

    2) 2 new elevator pitches you can use immediately as well as updated content for print platforms.

    3) A 90-day plan to help you purposefully reach out to your identified or existing network of referral partners.

    4) An updated or new sales and marketing plan you can being implementing.

    More Details

    Where: Interactive Zoom Meeting

    Price: $247

    Dates: April 5,12,19,26 from 2-3pm (ET)

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    Mastermind Group–Getting, Keeping and Elevating Clients

    In this Mastermind Group, we will talk all aspects of clients. From identifying clients to turning them into raving fans, each week we take a deep dive into building, retaining and elevating your clients. The key is to understand who your target market is and then how to find them and convert them into clients. It is very important to understand the solutions you provide and who needs them. Find your target market and become an expert to them.

    More Details

    Where: Virtual Meeting

    Price: $150

    Dates & Times: 

    5 Week Program, each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes

    Tuesdays from 10:00-11:15 am

    Running from  February 9th- March 9th

    Week 1: Client Sourcing

    Week 2: Client Intake

    Week 3: Client Retention

    Week 4: Client Upsell

    Week 5: Turning Clients into Raving Fans

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    One-to-One Coaching

    Individual coaching sessions are tailored to fit the needs of each client. Meeting weekly helps our clients to very quickly develop a high level of trust with their coach. Weekly coaching doesn’t give our clients any time to dink around! This is for the individual who is ready to DIVE right in and DRIVE results. If you’re looking for a highly personalized plan this is the one for you. Great for the busy business owner who has an unpredictable weekly schedule.


    More Details

    Price: Coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of our clients. Please contact us for pricing. 


    • 2-4 sessions per month
    • Weekly progress reports on each goal
    • Weekly accountability
    • PnL Review
    • Goal Setting
    • Scaling and business development

    Contact us for pricing/availability

    Mastermind Group–Systems and Processes

    In this Mastermind Group, we will help you implement systems and processes that will make your business ore efficient and profitable. Whether you have 1 employee or 100 employees, it is crucial to have the right systems and processes in place to not only maximize your output, but also to scale your company.

    More Details

    Where: Virtual Meeting

    Price: $150

    Dates & Times: 

    5 Week Program, each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes

    Thursdays from 10:00-11:15 am

    Running from  February 11th – March 11th

    Week 1: Clients

    Week 2: Employees

    Week 3: Goal Setting

    Week 4: Advertising/Promotions

    Week 5: Followup Meeting

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    Mastermind Group–Sales and Marketing II

    In this Mastermind Group, we will take a deeper dive into your sales and marketing plans and activation. Each week you will asked to implement the topic of the session with a plan, writing several elevator pitches or attending events you have researched.


    More Details

    Where: Virtual Meeting

    Price: $150

    Dates & Times: 

    5 Week Program, each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes

    Mondays from 3:00-4:15 pm

    Running from  February 8th- March 8th

    Week 1: Identifying Your Ideal Client

    Week 2: Writing a Sales Plan I

    Week 3: Writing a Sales Plan II

    Week 4: Networking

    Week 5: Writing a More Effective Elevator Pitch

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    pitch your niche

    Have you stood up in front of a group and proudly told them everything about your company and why they should do business with you and when you finished the only thing you heard was crickets? People buy People! Our program helps you connect on a personal level. Think of us as your elevator pitch repair people. 

    More Details

    Where: Virtual Meeting

    Price: $99

    Dates & Times: 

    Email to book appointment.


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    How To Book A consulting Session

    Booking with Wired2Change is easy! Just click any blue button labeled “Book Now” on the site, or scroll down to the list of seminars and coaching options. Follow the simple instructions listed there. Once you’ve made your selection you will be directed to an online payment portal. (Be prepared to enter credit or debit information.) Then, just keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation.

    Are you Wired2Change?
    The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

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    Coach’s Corner

    Is your Business Protected? Cyber Security Protection

    In Episode 7 of the Wired 2 Change Podcast Mike & Trinity discuss how to keep you and your clients safe in our virtual landscape and warn you of the FIVE missteps many small business owners make. Why DO small business owners leave themselves wide open for cyber hacks?  First, we both can agree upon is that most small business owners don’t have a PLAN.   Second, is that they don’t know what to check or how to check it to be sure they are secure. As SBO’s many of us just don’t THINK of cybersecurity first. Especially when you’re starting out there’s no money in the bank, you have multiple demands on your time and attention and Cybersecurity is usually the last thing on your plan.   Our third of the five fails is that people don’t protect all of their devices. So it’s not just your laptop anymore! It’s also your cell phone, it’s your smartwatch and it’s anything that you’re storing in the cloud. Anything that’s password-protected, all of your devices need to be protected, with automation and technology growing each day.   Our fourth fail is don’t forget your team didn’t mean to do it.  Often our employees inadvertently will click open an email or a link and let those cyber attackers RIGHT INSIDE. Train your staff to be vigilant and know what to look out for. Your team opens emails and documents and non-safe links on their personal or work devices. Teach them what to look for, what is suspicious vs what isn’t and if they are unsure then ask. Also, take time with your clients to teach them that as well, it will be a helpful tip for them and they will trust you more.   Last but not least on our list is our fifth and Mike’s favorite. Business owners who think “I am too small to be hacked.” You are never too small, hackers want the big million dollar targets but they will also take a whole bunch of $1,000 targets at a time to make the money they need. As a business owner, you must constantly and consistently be thinking of how to best protect your company.
    Did you know? With a $300 graphics card, a hacker can run 420 billion simple, lowercase eight-character password combinations a minute. 80% of cyber-attacks involve weak passwords. 55% of people use one password for all logins. The most common password is “password” and the second is “1 2 3 4 5”.
    Tips from the Pro AMNON NISSAN of Nissan Communications Network
    1. Do UpToDate virus and malware scans.
    2. Enforce strict rules as to what is and what is not okay to be playing with on the internet….this is also known as the employee internet usage policy.
    3. Make employees aware of the pitfalls of opening attachments from unknown sources and clicking on links.
    4. Back your stuff up, because if it’s not backed up and they come after you, you’re screwed.
    Look at LastPass, or Dash Lane as a way to help protect your passwords
    We are huge fans of Lastpass for protecting your passwords. 

    Meet Coach Trinity!

    Trinity ‘hails’ from the great state of Michigan. After a short stint living in Chicago, she traded in her snow boots for sunglasses and southern charm. Over a decade ago (don’t do the math, she doesn’t want to admit how old she is!) Trinity made the move to the Triangle.  Trinity’s greatest accomplishments are helping her amazing clients achieve their goals and be successful. She’s excelled at being a coach, training other trainers, growing small businesses, and process improvement.  Her coaching background helps her to actively listen and find out what’s important to her clients, customizing their experience to suit their needs. Her business management background is utilized by keeping her clients organized and well informed. Known for her quick wit and ability to negotiate, she shines when putting her sales background to good use and loves teaching others how to be negotiating ninjas!   Trinity graduated from Aquinas College with a BA in Communication and knocked out a Spanish minor while living in Malaga, Spain.  Studying abroad ignited her passion for culture and stoked a wanderlust. Never one to fear the unknown, her zeal for new experiences and cultures has taken her to 18 countries and 36 states. But of all the places she has been she embraces the Triangle as “home,” where she lives with her two spoiled mutts, Elvis & Carlos Santana.


    Meet Coach Mike!

    Meet Coach Mike!

    As a career evolutionist, Mike started in sports public relations, sports event, and facility management. It has been in the last few years that Mike got back to his passion, talking. As a 1983 graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a degree in broadcasting, he considers himself a 35 year overnight sensation; as he finally got paid to talk in 2018 with his first podcast. As a small business owner, business coach, podcaster and speaker, he reminds people every day to follow their passion and just get started. Mike finally did that with his podcasting career. Mike partnered with Trinity Gregor to start Wired 2 Change, where they work with business owners, coaching them to follow their dreams and enjoy the life of a small business owner.



    Wired 2 Change Podcast

    Why Choose W2C?

    “We recently attended a small business seminar hosted by Wired 2 Change and I’m so glad that we did. This seminar allowed us not only the time to focus on our business plan, but the reassurance that it’s ok if our business plan changes… because it should. We came out of this seminar feeling motivated, refreshed, challenged, and ready to implement our new plan.”

    -Niki Crowe


    Great Coaches Who REALLY Care!

    “Independent contractors have so much on their plate – planning for future growth is daunting with present-day expenses, time constraints, and networking demands. The Small Business Seminar I recently attended offered so much, in terms of breaking down the essentials of business success. Each of the presenters had a wealth of knowledge and experience and were so generous with their time. I came away with real plans and achievable goals. Thank you!”

    -Diane Pyun

    My Business Increased by 3X

    “Working with my coaches Mike & Trinity has created a turning point in how I run my business operations.  Because of these changes, my business has increased by 3X and I am closer to living the business owner life I always wanted.”

    -A. DeGraff

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